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Flashforge Creator I Dual Extruder Review

Flashforge Creator IThe Flashforge Creater I is a dual extruder for 3D Printing. It appears the entire machine is a clone of the Makerbot 3D printer as all the parts, software and drivers seem to be pretty much the same.

This machine arrived in a very well packaged box and only had a few parts that we had to install to make it run. The dual extruder was simple to install, it was not pre-installed as it would most likely bend the X-Axis during shipping.

Setting up the machine, installing the software and drivers took about an hour or so. We inserted the SD memory card that came with some test files on it and started printing.

Flashforge Creator IFor the price of $1199 we found this printer to work just fine. The build plate is 9x9x6 which is pretty big for a home 3D Printer. Even if you wanted to make something larger, like an Iron Man suit, you can print each part and super glue it together.

We have run into a few snags here and there and were able to fix it rather quickly and without breaking anything. For instance, we had broken off a 10mm piece of filament in the extruder and had to take it apart to remove it. 15 minutes later we were back up and printing.

Don't let the wooden frame discourage you from purchasing this printer, it is quite sturdy and performs amazingly. We have downloaded many add-ons and upgrades from, printed them out and installed them on this machine. I would recommend however, to use the pre-installed build plate leveling system before printing too many items.

Check out our YouTube Channel for videos we have made.


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